Keystone Exams

Winter Wave

Algebra I January 4th & 5th

Literature January 6th & 7th

Biology January 10th & 11th

Spring Wave

District Letter to Parents

  • Algebra I May 16th & 18th
  • Literature May 19th & 20th 
  • Biology May 23rd & 24th 
Assessment Description

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments design to assess proficiency in three subjects: Algebra I, Literature and Biology. The Keystone Exams are one component of both Uniontown Area School District's and Pennsylvania’s system of high school graduation requirements. The exams help school districts guide students toward meeting state standards, prepare students for real-world careers, and provide important data that guides curriculum and instruction. Students will take the exam either in the winter or spring, based on course enrollment. 
  • Students enrolled in Algebra I (9) and Algebra I Essentials II will take the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam during this school year. 
  • Students enrolled in Academic English 10 and Honors English 10 will take the Literature Keystone Exam during this school year. 
  • Students enrolled in Academic Biology 9, Academic Biology 10, Biology 11, and VT Biology will take the Biology Keystone Exam during this school year. 
Additionally, students who did not score proficient during a previous exam will also have the opportunity retake the exam until the conclusion of their 11th grade year.

Keystone Exam Score Ranges

Content Area Below Basic Basic Proficient Advanced
Algebra I 1200-1438 1439-1499 1500-1545 1546-1800
Biology 1200-1459 1460-1499 1500-1548 1549-1800
Literature 1200-1443 1444-1499 1500-1583 1584-1800


Students and parents with questions regarding state assessments or their testing status should contact their guidance counselor for more information.