Parent Teacher Conferences and Materials Collection/Distribution

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher virtual conferences will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd from 12:45pm – 7:00pm. Parents may make appointments to meet with their child's teachers through email or by calling the high school at 724-439-5000. The virtual meetings will be conducted through the use of the Canvas webpage. Parents will log into Canvas with their child's account and use the Teams link that is on the course homepage for the teacher they are scheduled to meet with at the appropriate time.

Materials Collection/Distribution

As we look forward towards the end of the 1st nine weeks and the beginning of the 2nd nine weeks, the following plans and procedures will be utilized to collect and distribute class materials and books:

Materials Collection:

Students/Parents/Guardians may drop off materials/books for 1st nine weeks classes in the main office beginning on October 26th during regular school hours. Returned materials should be clearly labeled.

Materials Distribution:

Parents/guardians/students will pick-up the materials in the main office during school hours beginning on November 3rd.