Work Force and Military

Entering the Workforce:

Another option after graduation is to join the workforce straight out of school. Some students feel that they need to earn money to pay for further schooling, are not sure what to do with his/her life yet, or have already had a job with growth opportunities that could turn into a lifelong career. A career has two key components that a job does not: room to advance and increasing earning potential. In contrast, a job just pays the bills. Going straight to the workforce out of high school could be a good choice if work qualifies as a career.

Military Information:

If a student is thinking about joining the military, he/she should check out each branch of the military and ALL of their components (active, reserve, guards).  Pay particular attention to what each offers for education and bonus benefits. 

Branches of the Military


Army Service Corps

Marine Corps

Marine Forces Reserve


Navy Reserve

Air Force

Air Force National Guard

Air Force Reserve Command

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Reserve