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Espresso Yourself Cafe

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Who likes to have coffee in the morning before school starts? If you do, come on down to the coffee shop!

Every Thursday when we have extended homeroom there is coffee shop, the seniors go every Thursday and its either juniors, sophomores, or freshman that go with the seniors. You can come down when the announcements are over to get your coffee with a signed agenda.

You can get a 12oz. cup for $1 or you can get a 16oz. cup for $1.50. If you want whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, or marshmallows on your drink it costs an extra $0.25. There is coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccinos that you can pick from. There’s a bunch of flavors to pick from so more than likely they will have the flavor you want. Here’s some of the flavors french vanilla, hazelnut, and regular coffee with sugar and cream.

FBLA Fundraiser

The FBLA students are having a fundraiser to raise money for their club. The pewter ornaments pictured below are $15.00 each.

Contact: Mrs. Hough (gina.hough@uasdraiders.org)