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Faculty and Staff of UHS

Principal Mr. Robert Manges (robert.manges@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Heather Sefcheck (heather.sefcheck@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Brenda Caromano (brenda.caromano@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Cortney Kezmarsky (cortney.kezmarsky@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Secretary Mrs. Denise Petrowski (denise.petrowski@uasdraiders.org)
Secretary Mrs. Christine Patek (christine.patek@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Michele Guthrie (michele.guthrie@uasdraiders.org)
Nurse Mrs. Kimberly Faris (kimberly.faris@uasdraiders.org)
Athletic Director Mr. Aaron Scott (aaron.scott@uasdraiders.org


Mr. Patrick Lion (patrick.lion@uasdraiders.org)
  • Health
  • Physical Education
Mr. Aaron Scott (aaron.scott@uasdraiders.org)
Mr. George Stevenson (george.stevenson@uasdraiders.org)
Mr. Edward Yauger (edward.yauger@uasdraiders.org) Aquatics

Mrs. Gina Hough (gina.hough@uasdraiders.org) Career Development
Computer Applications 1
Personal Finance
Mrs. Tammy Marzano (tammy.marzano@uasdraiders.org) Digital Design (Photoshop) 1
Digital Design (Photoshop) 2
Graphic Design 1
Graphic Design 2
Web Page 1
Web Page 2
Mr. John Rosko (john.rosko@uasdraiders.org) Computer Applications 1

Mr. Charles Durso (charles.durso@uasdraiders.org) Honors English 11
Academic English 11
Mrs. Betty Geller (betty.geller@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 9
Mrs. Donna Kovell (donna.kovell@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 9
Honors English 9
Mrs. Christina Guard (christina.marcinek@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 10
Mrs. Rachel McFall-Jeffries (rachel.jeffries@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 11
Mr. Dane Meadows (dane.meadows@uasdraiders.org) Journalism
Students Taking an Active Role (S.T.A.R)
Vocabulary Enrichment
Mrs. Rebecca Ritenour (rebecca.ritenour@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 10
Advanced Placement English 12
Honors English 10
Mrs. Karen Sheranek (karen.sheranek@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 12
Mrs. Kristen Smith (kristen.smith@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 9
Mrs Patricia Thomas (patricia.thomas@uasdraiders.org) Academic English 9
Academic English 12
Mrs. Christina Guard (christina.guard@uasdraiders.org)

Ms. Tricia Carbonara (tricia.carbonara@uasdraiders.org) Algebra 2
College Trigonometry
Mrs. Rachel Caruso (rachel.caruso@uasdraiders.org) Academic Math Concepts
Math 10
Ms. Tonya Cottrell (tonya.cottrell@uasdraiders.org) Algebra 2
Probability and Statistics
Math 11
Mrs. Shelly Kostik (shelly.kostik@uasdraiders.org) Algebra 1
College Algebra
Mrs. Cathy Hager (cathy.hager@uasdraiders.org) Algebra 2
Math 12
Vo-Tech Math 10
Vo-Tech Math 11
Mr. Scott Knee (scott.knee@uasdraiders.org) Geometry
Math 10
Mrs. Davina Savage (davina.savage@uasdraiders.org) Probability and Statistics
Math 9
Mrs. Diane Vaccaro (diane.vaccaro@uasdraiders.org) AP Calculus 1
AP Calculus 2
Mrs. Barbara Vance (barbara.vance@uasdraiders.org) Algebra 2
Math 9

Mr. Michael Brown (michael.brown@uasdraiders.org) Senior Project Coordinator
Advanced Placement American History 1
Advanced Placement American History 2
Macro Economics
Mirco Economics
Mrs. Marissa Gall (marissa.gall@uasdraiders.org) Academic Civics / PA History
Mr. Keith Jeffries (keith.jeffries@uasdraiders.org) Advanced Placement European History
Academic American History 11
African American Social Studies
Mr. Harry Kaufman (harry.kaufman@uasdraiders.org) Academic World Cultures
Honors World Cultures
Work Study Coordinator
Mrs. Heather Pearson (heather.pearson@uasdraiders.org) Academic World Cultures
Honors World Cultures
Problems of Democracy
Mr. John Svokos (john.svokos@uasdraiders.org) Academic American History 11
Vo-Tech United States History
Vo-Tech World History

Diana Vaccaro (diane.vaccaro@uasdraiders.org) Gifted Program
Mr. Jeremy Brain (jeremy.brain@uasdraiders.org)  
Ms. Bridgette Bishop (bridgette.bishop@uasdraiders.org) Life Skills
Ms. Kerianne Dreucci (karianne.dreucci@uasdraiders.org) English Support
Mrs. Gall (marissa.gall@uasdraiders.org) Academic Interventions
Mrs. Bernadette Smith (bernadette.smith@uasdraiders.org) Life Skills
Mrs. Courtney Swenglish (courtney.swenglish@uasdraiders.org)
Mrs. Alison Whitcomb (alison.whitcomb@uasdraiders.org)
  • Academic Interventions
  • Math Support
Mrs. Jennifer Wingrove (jennifer.wingrove@uasdraiders.org)  
Mrs. Karianne Colebank (karianne.colebank@uasdraiders.org) Learning Support
Mrs. Aleta Griffin (aleta.griffin@uasdraiders.org) Transition Coordinator
Mrs. Kayla Hazel (kayla.hazel@uasdraiders.org) Learning Support
Ms. Brooke Stephens (brooke.stephens@uasdraiders.org) Learning Support

Mrs. Kristine Buchanan (kristine.buchanan@uasdraiders.org) Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Mr. Matthew Girod (matthew.girod@uasdraiders.org) Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 4
AP Spanish 5
Mrs. Patricia Thomas (patricia.thomas@uasdraiders.org) French 1
French 2
French 3
French 4

Mrs. Melissa Celaschi (melissa.celaschi@uasdraiders.org) Chemistry
Mrs. Dina Kriebel (dina.kriebel@uasdraiders.org) AP Chemistry
Ms. Monica Lane (monica.lane@uasdraiders.org) Chemistry
Mrs. Pamela Gadd (pamela.gadd@uasdraiders.org) Biology
Mrs. Carla Lowden (carla.lowden@uasdraiders.org) Biology
AP Biology
Mr. Dario Piccolomini (dario.piccolomini@uasdraiders.org) Biology
Mr. Gerald Rabatin (gerald.rabatin@uasdraiders.org) Physics
AP Physics
Mr. Jason Miller (jason.miller@uasdraiders.org) Earth and Space Science
Mr. Matthew Pavlovich (matthew.pavlovich@uasdraiders.org)

Mrs. Rebecca Gartly (rebecca.gartley@uasdraiders.org) Art 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics
Discovering Art

Mrs. Cathrine Hager (catharine.hager@uasdraiders.org) Family and Consumer Science 1
Family and Consumer Science 2
Gourmet Cooking
Early and Middle Childhood
Mr. Ted Gulich (ted.gulich@uasdraiders.org) Technology Education

Mr. Ryan Gerney (ryan.gerney@uasdraiders.org) Instrumental Music 1
Instrumental Music 2
Instrumental Music 3
Chamber Ensemble
Music Theory

Mrs. Courtney Baker (courtney.baker@uasdraiders.org) Librarian
Advanced Placement Course Testing Coordinator
Senior Project Coordinator