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About Uniontown Area High School

Uniontown Area High School is on a block schedule.  The schedule provides much flexibility and opportunities for students to complete required and elective courses to complement any area of interest.  Twenty-six credits are required for graduation.  A high school project and proficiency in the PSSA or local assessment are also required.  Elective courses in all subject areas are designed to meet the varied needs of a diverse student body.  Advanced placement courses are offered in English, American History, Modern European History, Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish and Art.  Honors courses are offered in English and World Cultures.  In addition to course offerings, partnerships with the Laurel Business Institute, West Virginia Career College, Penn State Fayette Campus, and Health First Academy enable students to take advantage of advanced standing while in high school.  Students may also elect to attend the Fayette Career and Technical Institute (CTI).  The CTI has many courses to prepare students for employment upon graduation.  Approximately 60% of the student body participates in the academic program and 40% in the general program, which includes the CTI.

History of Uniontown Area High School